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Installation and Assemblies

Installation and Assemblies

Mechanical Assemblies

  • Assemblies, Disassemblies and Interconnections of Equipment
  • Prefabrication and assembly of pipes, supports, structures and racks
  • Execution of special, radiographed and orbital welds
  • Pipes with plastic materials such as PVDF, PPP, PE
  • Supply, prefabrication and assembly of metal structures
  • Thermal Installations:
    • Steam – condensates
    • Superheated water
    • etc
  • Water Facilities
    • Process
    • Fire fighting
    • Refrigeration
  • Fuel installations
  • Loops mechanical assemblies

Electrical and / or control installations

  • Installations of Regulation and Control Systems, Electric, Pneumatic, Electronic, etc.
  • Electrical installations in L.T., Power, Control, communications, F.e.m. Force, Lighting, etc.
  • Installations in “Ex” classified areas
  • Structured cabling.
  • Fiber optic installations.
  • Electrification for machine and Skids