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Maintenance – Outsourcing

Maintenance – Outsourcing

KISEKI manages and executes the electrical and mechanical maintenance of industrial production units and / or plants using the methodology applied to a preventive, corrective and predictive system through the use of programs (CMMS). Ensuring efficiency and results, evaluating the same KPIs agreed with the client at the beginning of our services and providing added value.

Our service is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Process machinery
  • Robotic installations
  • Hydraulic installations
  • Pneumatic installations
  • Mechanical installations


  • Fluid networks.
  • Structures.
  • Electricity: BT and control systems.
  • Boilers.
  • Fire fighting.
  • Compressed Air.


KISEKI offers the possibility of those people who are carrying out the maintenance of the Client’s facilities in an outsourced way or who wish to change the maintenance company to join our company.


  • Take advantage of the staff’s own know-how, enhance it with training plans and with the own know-how of kiseki staff.
  • Management of staff leave, hours and vacations, providing back-up staff.
  • Contribution of extra necessary resources for technical shutdowns.
  • Technical assistance service 24hours/365days.
  • Computerized management through CMMS software.
  • Preponderence of preventive maintenance.
  • Continuous training of pesonnel.
  • Flexibility of our operational staff.
  • Spare parts management and critical spare parts management.
  • Management of our resources and management of subcontracted resources (personnel).