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SKIDS – Prefabrication

SKIDS – Prefabrication

Within the in-house manufacturing, it is worth highlighting the realization of compact, assembled and / or mobile installations that in themselves constitute complete industrial plants capable of operating immediately in any place prior to the connection of the corresponding services.

In this case, according to the Customer’s design or KISEKI’s own, the complete SKIDS are made.


The SKID is based on the construction of a chassis that houses all the mechanical equipment and electromechanical and control installations of a compact installation or plant.


Prefabrication of parts of an installation that cannot be included in the Skid. These are built and / or prefabricated and later they are sent to work.


  • Time saving in project execution and cost reduction
  • Standardization
  • Electrical wiring and pre-wiring in the workshop
  • Simplification of the final installation
  • SKID and/or system validation before installation (Client)
  • Pressure tests, electrical control. FAT
  • Simplify final installation and possible production alterations