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Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering

Our activity begins by collaborating with the Client defining and optimizing the most suitable solution for their needs, and developing the Detail Engineering based on the specifications required in the field of:

Electrical, Control and Systems Engineering

  • Control Systems Design
    • HMI (multi-band) programming
    • Programming SCADA
    • Specialty in ATEX classified areas
    • Pneumatic systems
    • Safety systems in machinery R.D.1215
    • Communication Protocols
  • Design of Electrical Installations in LV
    • CCM Pannels 
    • Distribution Pannels
    • Control Pannels
    • Control Desks
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Lighting systems
    • Standadization with EPLAN
    • Legalization of installations
    • EU and UL Certification

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design of fluid installations in general
    • Services (steam, condensates, raw, treated water, compressed air, vacuum systems, etc.)
    • Specialty in corrosive installations such as PPH, PVDF, PE, PVC
    • Specialty in flammable installations, (Solvents, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc.)
    • Chemical dosages
    • Internal productions transfer lines
    • Tank farm, reception of raw materials, transfer to production, discharge to tanks, bottling machines, IBCs, cans, etc.
  • Design of special facilities
    • CIP, SIP
    • Purified water ties
    • Fire detection and extinguishing systems.
    • Extraction systems, vents…
    • Concentration and purification of fluids
    • Chemical synthesis
    • Vapor condensation
    • Solid and liquid separation
    • Distillation
    • Heat recovery
  • Design of facilities for solids
    • Pneumatic bearings
    • Mechanical transports
  • Design of main and auxiliary metal structures
    • Pipe rack
    • Support structures for reactors, tanks, etc.
  • Design of technical gas installations
    • N2, O2, Ethylene, blanks, etc.