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Disassemblies and Transfers

Disassemblies and Transfers

Due to current changes, many production centers decide to relocate their production facilities, forcing them to transfer and use the machinery. This is sometimes partial and / or total or simply a change of implantation within the factory for a possible increase in production capacity, environmental or safety improvements.

KISEKI is specialized in carrying out a total transfer or partial movement in an integral way, planning it so that the client’s productive activity is affected as little as possible.

This “turnkey” type service for which KISEKI is responsible for:

  • Checking electrical diagrams, identification and labeling.
  • Checking mechanical systems and labeling
  • Electrical disconnection.
  • Mechanical disassembly
  • Packaging and logistics to final destination
  • Necessary engineering of facilites – utilities in final destination 
  • Realization of the installations y KISEKI, or supervision of a company subcontracted by the property.
  • Waste management
  • PEM services
  • Training services for new plant operators
  • Documentation “As Built” including documentation necessary for maintenance
  • CE certification.
  • Preparation of an Occupational Risk Prevention Plan and its monitoring.
Desmontajes y traslados